1. Sorry About That

    Yes, I deleted the video that appeared in the previous post. Sorry about that. After re-watching the final version and getting some objective feedback, I realized that it missed the mark. I tried to cram too much into too little time, and didn’t quite hit the right tone for ...

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  2. Where Does Bad Science Writing Come From?

    A discussion on Twitter yesterday dredged up the common theme of “journalists screw up science stories,” and when I weighed in it became clear that a lot of folks – including some science journalists – seem to have some strange ideas about how the news business operates these days. It started with ...

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  3. Scientists Find Link Bait As Addictive as Oreos

    Which would you rather eat right now: a rice cake or an Oreo cookie? Be honest.

    You picked the Oreo, didn’t you? Me too. On the one hand, there’s a chocolaty, sweet, fatty treat that lights up all those taste buds. On the other hand, there’s a ...

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  4. Alzheimer’s Disease Research Hits the Wires

    A few decades ago, some small, preliminary studies hinted that aluminum might be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Headlines immediately screamed about this newly discovered danger, people threw away aluminum cookware, and everyone from deodorant manufacturers to food producers began advertising “aluminum free” formulations to assuage public fears.

    It was ...

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