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  1. Coprolites and Paleofeces: The Importance of Knowing Your Shit

    As research on microbial diversity – or as it’s now been rebranded, microbiomics – continues, microbiologists are studying more environments, often overlapping with other fields. One interesting tendril of this new expansion extends into archaeology, where biologists armed with the latest DNA sequencing tools are exploring the microbiomes of lost tribes ...

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  2. Pricing Freedom in Science Publishing

    There’s been another dustup between advocates of open access science publishing and the world of traditional subscription-based scientific journals. That’s pretty much like having my old friends shouting at my boss, so yes, I’ve paid attention.

    In case you missed it, the American Association for the Advancement ...

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  3. Sorry About That

    Yes, I deleted the video that appeared in the previous post. Sorry about that. After re-watching the final version and getting some objective feedback, I realized that it missed the mark. I tried to cram too much into too little time, and didn’t quite hit the right tone for ...

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